Going from strength to strength

When I launched entoure in 2008, its sole purpose was to manage a cycle event for a network of people that were looking for a more accessible ride with less time away from family and work and less time required to train and prepare whilst still giving a reason greater than the bike itself to participate.

Between 2008 and 2016 that network staged 18 x 3 day cycle events across NSW and QLD, raising a staggering $2.4 million dollars and floating the entoure business through some very generous sponsorship dollars that without, we simply could not have functioned.

In 2010, entoure became the logistical partner for Tour de Kids and by 2013 started to become a gun for hire for a variety of clients all of which were network referred. Since 2008, entoure has managed events that have raised an impressive $15.9 Million dollars and in 2017 alone managed 10 events that raised just over $4 Million dollars.

The causes entoure supported in 2017 included: 

  1. Mental Health
  2. Childhood Cancer
  3. 4 Below the Belt Cancers
  4. Lung Disease 
  5. Hospitalised Kids
  6. Country Kids
  7. MND
  8. Aussie War Heroes
  9. Disadvantaged Kids and  
  10. Kids with a Rare Disease  

In 2018, entoure will see

  1. further growth in who it supports, 
  2. the number of events it looks to manage and most importantly, 
  3. the number of causes it gets behind

and is currently working with 19 clients on just over 20 events; some of these events are small pro bono events I am happy and thankful to support and others are a much larger piece of work ... some will be great ideas that sadly just don't get off the ground. 

The beauty of course in what I do and how the entoure business was established is that "I ONLY SPEND TIME WITH GOOD PEOPLE DOING GOOD THINGS" and for that I feel very blessed. 

To the team of people who support our events thank you; entoure has always been much bigger than me and the team of people I take to an event have always been what people remember, appreciate and talk about long after the event and why people recommend entoure to others; I have simply been the guy that has pulled the party together and my team have been the incredible band that have played long into the night with riders and clients always asking for just one more song. 

In 2018, entoure has some very exciting opportunities which I will share with you as the year unfolds but for now I wish everyone a very Merry Xmas and a Safe and Happy New Year and to my team of support staff, contractors and wonderful clients, may Santa visit you twice and to all those families and kids our clients support, I wish you well too.

To our key sponsor G Brothers Mercedes Mona Vale, who with no strings attached provide us with a vehicle each and every year, thank you so much for your support; it truly means the world.