As bike riders, safety can be an area we kind of take for granted but, what if safety was an area we could all take greater ownership in; welcome RearViz

As event management specialists in road cycling, we spend a lot of our time:

  1. looking in the rear & side mirrors of our support vehicles for on-coming traffic and dangers
  2. watching riders doing smart and silly stuff on the road, and
  3. communicating on two-way radios to Ride Captains and our Support Drivers

Bike Rider V Risk  

We see all levels of bike rider; those who take safety seriously and ride at all times smart and aware of their surroundings and the bike rider who sadly just assumes he or she is safe; all too often flaunting with risk either unknowingly or knowingly; thankfully missing out on that fatal moment simply because it wasn't their time to go. We equally see good and bad drivers, all of whom manage risk and overtaking cyclists differently despite the recent laws around 1 metre matters

RearViz wide range to choose from 

RearViz wide range to choose from 

Back On The Bike 

Since recently coming back to the bike, I have noticed:

  1. vehicles are quieter, 
  2. my hearing isn't as good, and 
  3. to turn my neck, I often need to turn my entire body (welcome to the 50's)

And leaving it up to drivers to see me, when I cant hear them, is in my view just stupid if I got a choice.

How Did I find this product

I was riding with a bunch of mates on a single lane road out in Dural NSW a few weeks back and a mate of mine who was 2nd wheel out of a bunch of 5 of us, kept calling cars back. I didn't hear any of the cars and he was wearing a RearViz Classic Mirror; it was at that moment I realised the mirror that he had strapped to his wrist, which up until then I had thought very little about, was basically providing him the level of intel we provide Ride Captains from our support vehicles. I could not believe from 2nd wheel (and without turning his head) he could see vehicles I was totally oblivious too and safely calling the shots, that in truth, had an impact on my life. So, I went home and went straight online as I had seen facebook adverts days prior and purchased one.

See my review below.     

Entoure Partners with RearViz

Moving forward and for a limited time anyone who purchases a RearViz and enters the code ENTOURE will receive a 15 % discount.

There are a raft of models to choose from including:

  1. slim line 
  2. sports
  3. classic 

My preference is the classic; simply because I prefer the additional aim band options. The slim line is designed for smaller wrists and the main differences between the sport and the classic is simply that the sport has a one length arm band fits all approach and a slightly lighter body where as the classic has 2 arm band lengths and I simply find that easier. They come in a range of colours and also have the ability to mount a go pro. The RearViz company is based on the Gold Coast and the mirrors are truly incredibly well made in China. I strongly recommend you think about your safety and asking yourself if you could do more and buy one

RearViz History 

The history of the company is amazing and the short version is this:

  1. driver nearly hits a cyclist whilst riding his bike  
  2. the 2 get together and have a chat 
  3. the cyclist, who was in the wrong, complains he simply didn't see the car 
  4. the driver goes home grabs his wife's compact mirror and starts solving the problem 
  5. years later and after lots of effort I am writing this blog 

The driver could have simply gone home and left it at that; his background was in construction not making mirrors nor was he a cyclist; but he was clearly driven on doing something that would help cyclists become more aware. Got to love that ! 

For more videos and information visit RearViz or contact us