On Day 2 riders will cycle from Cootamundra to Cowra via Young and trust me when I say, this day will not disappoint. 

Day 2 is 137 K and 1,154 vertical meters of climbing; so a little less than Day 1 but still a serious challenge and once again the route takes riders along some beautiful countryside and amongst some wonderful country folk. 

Take a look at the snaps I took for Day 2 below. 

Riders head north from Cootamundra on Berthong Rd via the Jindalee National Park through Berthong and onto Young were morning tea awaits. Juicy Lucy Cafe is located in Young and managed by Brian and Donna Davis. From a feed perspective today logistically was always going to be a challenge until I walked into this cafe. 


So, whilst walking around Young the Cafe I was aiming to drop in on was closed and I just happened to park right out the front of the Juicy Lucy Cafe. I had thrown back a pumpkin salad at the Pickled Pantry in Cootamundra and a coffee as a kind of brunch so I didn't really did a coffee or any more food but I thought if today becomes a long day in the car best to load up again now. So, I walked into Juicy Lucy Cafe and ordered my second coffee for the day and just before I walked to my seat thought hmmm I better get a wrap too; and ordered the thai beef wrap.

I went to sit outside and started to google cafes in Greenthorpe and my coffee and wrap came. If I was to score the wrap out of 10 I would give it 25 and the coffee wasn't half bad either. I just love how some cafes look to do it all too easily and serve up a surprise of delicious flavours that go off in your mouth like a love bomb; where others really struggle. The wrap was super super delicious. 

So once I smashed down this delicious wrap and my double shot soy latte I walked my plate and coffee cup back into the cafe and was met by Brian and I said

"that was bloody good mate, any chance you would have a coffee cart".

I explained a little about the event and why I wanted coffee in Young and lunch in Greenthorpe and their response was

" we have a coffee cart and we can set that up at Anderson Park just behind us here in Young and we will prepare your lunch from here and take it to Greenthorpe and set it up so it's like an outdoor buffet". 

I love how so often in life solutions find you and I really love how country people respond when you need some help; if you ever pass by Young get yourself to the Juicy Lucy Cafe its yummo and I am very happy to say they will be taking care of our food needs Day 2; YEAH BABY. 


The ride format will be:

  1. Coffee in Young 55 K
  2. Lunch Greenthorpe 94 K 
  3. Cowra Finish 137 K 
  4. Strongest Peloton Last 
Route Map Day 2 Cootamundra to Cowra via Young

Route Map Day 2 Cootamundra to Cowra via Young

Meters Climbed Day 2 1,154 Vertical Meters 

Meters Climbed Day 2 1,154 Vertical Meters 

For a more detailed look at the route click here


The ride once again is along an undulating course however, the roads to Berthong are scenic and super quiet. At 34 K riders turn right onto the Milvale Rd towards Young; this is a more major thoroughfare but good line of sight and should present no problems; riders just need to show more caution when moving from a quiet secondary road to a more major secondary road and we will remind them of this throughout the event. 

Following a quick coffee in Young riders will then take one of the quietest routes into Cowra via Greenhorpe were as mentioned above, lunch will await courtesy of the Juicy Lucy Cafe. The route again is undulating and bumpy in parts but much quieter than any alternate routes. Following lunch riders will then cycle a further 15 K or so and turn right onto the Mid Western Highway. We will need to marshal entry onto this road as cars will be travelling at 100 K an hour and entry is at a blind T intersection that requires care. Once underway riders will follow this road into Cowra.  

Another cracking route.