2017 Events

2017 is looking like being our busiest year yet

With 9 events already under negotiation and dates locked away and another 2 events due to confirm dates over the next few weeks, we are going to have our heads down and our backsides up. 

2017 will see the return of TourXOz, an event that supports the Black Dog Institute. TourXOz is held every 2 years so its great to have this epic event back on the entoure calendar. In 2017, TourXOz will ride from Perth to Broome and like everything TourXOz takes on, it's guaranteed to be memorable.   

New Clients

2017 will see a couple of new clients coming into the entoure fold:

  1. 4 Aussie War Vets Foundation and  
  2. John MacLean Foundation

Open to Everyone

2017 will once again see events to suit all levels of rider fitness and experience so don't be shy. The events will include a mix of on road and closed circuit from a 1 day classic to a multi stage enduro.

Our Causes

2017 will see us support improved health outcomes for:

  1. Country Kids
  2. Hospitalised Kids
  3. Aussie Kids in Wheel Chairs 
  4. War Veterans
  5. Lung Disease Patients
  6. Mental Health
  7. 4 Below the Belt Cancers
  8. Kids Cancer 
  9. Rare Childhood Diseases

Visit our events page to see whats on and stay up to date by following our news blogs

Its going to be a cracking year; why not join the entourage.