Entoure partners with G Brothers Mercedes

G Brothers Mercedes have partnered with entoure to provide the perfect vehicle support solution.

Earlier this year we were looking at ways to improve our on road vehicle support. Mark Guberina, Co Founder and Owner of G Brothers Mercedes, had provided vehicle support for a series of events we had been involved in so I asked him what type of things he would look for when considering a vehicle sponsorship deal. 

To our surprise Mark, within a week of receiving our enquiry said "we like what you do and we would like to provide you with a car".

So the entoure G Brothers Mercedes 2016 Vito 119 Bluetec Crew Cab was borne. Since delivery in June of 2016, it has clocked up almost 30,000 K and driven extensively throughout NSW and QLD mapping out events for 2017 and supporting our 2016 events for:

  1. MND and Me Foundation
  2. Lung Foundation
  3. ANZUP
  4. Children's Hospital Queensland
  5. Steve Waugh Foundation
  6. John MacLean Foundation  

Since our launch in 2008, entoure managed events have raised in excess of $11 Million dollars. The G Brothers Mercedes Vehicle provides an increased ability to transport logistical equipment to and from events and to support riders and bikes throughout the event.  

G Brothers Mercedes are the No 1 Mercedes dealership in NSW and No 2 across Australia and we look forward to a long lasting partnership.