TourXOz Days 7 and 8

Day 7 

Port Hedland to 80 Mile Beach 339 K
Ride 150 K
Uplift 189 K

Departing Port Hedland will once again be a little like the Jetsons; workers keen to get to work and start their day and all a little chaotic. Whilst it had an element of carnage about it, departing from Port Hedland is significant and important I believe to the town and to the ride so I intend to work with the local authorities to either give us a little police support or at least some advice on how best to tackle riding and not causing a traffic jam. Of all the towns involved in this event Port Hedland has to date shown the greatest level of interest so I am confident we will work something out. Once we are out of town and down the road 10 K or so, it's all smooth sailing.

The plan will be to depart Port Hedland and to ride to Pardoo Roadhouse about 150 K from Port Hedland. This is where riders will be fed and uplifted to 80 Mile Beach.

Take a peek at the route below however for a more detailed view click here.

The roads into 80 Mile Beach are dirt (well red earth) so no riding in or out of this location. The plan is to camp at 80 Mile Beach and to sleep under the stars. Anyone who has done this will tell you its a bucket list tick.


80 Mile Beach has a flavour and texture like no other; the photos below do not do it justice and the minute you see it you will understand why. 

Take a look at a few snaps of Day 7.  

Day 8

80 Mile Beach to Broome 289 K
Ride 150 K
Uplift 139 K   

We need a bus uplift out of 80 Mile Beach so the plan today is to ride the last 150 K into Broome. At this stage, I don't have an obvious spot to commence the ride but will work on this between now and the event. But a ride into Broome makes sense; the roads are reasonably quiet and line of sight remains good and who wouldn't want to finish this magnificent tour on their bike. 

Take a peek at the route and for a more detailed view click here

Broome is truly remarkable and it's clear why Cable Beach is so highly spoken about. The sunsets on what must be one of the greatest beaches in the world are truly incredible and I believe the camel rides aren't too shabby either. It doesn't take long to see why Broome holds a special place in the hearts of people who visit.

Take a peek at some of the snaps for Day 8.   

The Hub 

The Hub hotel in Broome will be the Mecure and the end of tour function will be held at the famous Matsos Brewery Broome. 


TourXOz is a journey; it's far more than just a bike ride; and for an incredibly important cause.

It's an opportunity to see some of Australia's most remote yet so incredible country side all in support of mental health. It's an opportunity to meet some incredible people, to mix with remote communities and to build life long friendships.

There really isn't any other event quite like TourXOz and it's an incredible privilege for entoure to once again be entrusted with the logistics for this event and to be supporting the Black Dog Institute. The support team we are building for this event are top shelf and the lessons we learnt from Adelaide to Darwin will help us greatly to ensure the riders have the support they need. It truly will be something very very special. 

Safety is always top of mind when I do a reccie and for that matter when we manage an event. An absolute standout on this route has been wide shoulders. Maybe not the kind of shoulder anyone would ever choose to cycle in but, a massive shoulder by which to get off the bike, eat some food, uplift to buses or just get out of harms way. It really was significant on this route and well worth a mention. See below.  

Snap Shot 

Riders will cycle around 1109 K over 8 days and be uplifted around 1897 K; see summary splits below:

Day 1
Ride 119 K
Uplift 337 K

Day 2
Ride 125 K
Uplift 435 K

Day 3
Ride 150 K
Uplift 208 K

Day 4
Ride 140 K
Uplift 97 K

Day 5
Ride 150 K
Uplift 379 K

Day 6
Ride 125 K
Uplift 113 K

Day 7
Ride 150 K
Uplift 189 K

Day 8
Ride 150 K
Uplift 139 K


Riders will have vehicle support front and back and be graded into 1 of 3 pelotons. Riders must stay together and be able to ride safely at the agreed average speed of each of the groups. Expected speeds for each peloton are around:

  1. 30 K
  2. 28 K
  3. 25 K

Truck and bus support will manage people and bike uplift throughout the event and mechanical support will be provided. That said, all riders should ensure their bikes are serviced before this event and more information will be given about this closer to the event. 

Next Move

  1. Make sure you have secured your spot 
  2. Dust off the bike and get a program sorted
  3. Ensure you reach the baseline level of fitness set for this event of 25 K an hour over 120 K 
  4. Connect up with previous TourXOz riders on and off the bike 
  5. If your not use to riding in a peloton slowly make time to do so 
  6. Any questions about the event contact me