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Michael Beitz

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I am currently in training to bicycle around 400 kilometers over three days as part of the Entoure Brisbane to Salt Cycle Classic ! This is part of an effort to raise funds for and bring a smile to seriously ill and disadvantaged kids. The ride has two fantastic beneficiaries – The Humour Foundation and The University of Sydney Endocrinology & Diabetes Foundation; and net donation funds will be split on an 85% / 15% basis.

The Humour Foundation (85%)

Did you know that global research has found that laughter has both physiological and psychological benefits to health and wellbeing? The Humour Foundation is a national charity founded in 1997 whose aim is to promote and deliver the health benefits of humour. Their core project is the Clown Doctors, who bring support, fun and laughter to sick and injured children in hospital right across Australia. More than 55 Clown Doctors brighten the lives of 135,000 people within the Hospital system each year and the funds raised by entoure will go support the Clown Doctors program and give kids in Hospital a reason to smile.

The University of Sydney, Endocrinology & Diabetes Foundation (15%)

The University of Sydney, Endocrinology & Diabetes Research Foundation are conducting groundbreaking research in to how children and young adults can exercise with type 1 diabetes; an auto immune disease that usually strikes between 1 and 18 years of age, severely limiting a child's ability to live a normal, healthy and energized life. The research will give them the skills and information they need to exercise and stay healthy with Type 1 Diabetes.

How to help

Please help me give these kids a better life. Simply click on the donation button above and thank you for your generosity.

For more information about these great charities visit the entoure website here:

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