Peloton Grading Kingscliff 2010

  1. Riders will be split into a variety of pelotons based on rider experience & speed.
  2. All riders will be allocated into these pelotons prior to the event.
  3. It will be important for all riders to chat with their team captains and nominate a preference prior to allocation.
  4. Riders can swap pelotons throughout the tour but not throughout the day as the intention will be to keep the pelotons separate in order to limit road congestion.  

Peloton 1

Why We Do ItExperienced Cyclists.

C Grade and above.

Average pace 28 to 30 k an hr.

Peloton 2

Semi Experienced / Tour Cyclists.

Non Graded.

Average pace 26 to 28 k an hr.

Peloton 3

Inexperienced Cyclists.

Average pace 24 to 26 k an hr.