Around 68,000 kids are hospitalised each year due to serious injury. If helping to save the life of a critically injured child was as easy as wearing a wig for a day, would you do it ?

Entoure is looking to test a new charitable concept called Wigs 4 Kids and is looking for people to wear a wig, to have fun and to raise funds for the Day of Difference Foundation.


The Wigs 4 Kids Day Challenge

Challenge yourself to wear a wig for say 1 hour, 4 hours, or 8 hours and get your network to sponsor you. Make it a day to look like your idol; your hero; a rock star; or a model. Bring back the Mullet, The Beehive, The Bob, or The Afro. Most importantly, let Wigs 4 Kids Day be your Day of Difference and in transforming your looks and having a bit of fun help transform the lives of critically injured kids and their families.

What Can You Do On Wigs 4 Kids Day ?

  1. Host a Wigs Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch, Fashion Show
  2. Give out a prize for the funniest, sexist, best wig
  3. Recognise the top fundraiser within your office and make them feel special
  4. Catch public transport, do a gym class, the bridge climb … wearing your wig
  5. Make the day your day to have a laugh and save lives
  6. Take an amazing photo of yourself somewhere special and share it with your network

The Day of Difference Foundation

The Day of Difference Foundation is a charitable organisation dedicated to working for critically injured children. Critical injuries come without warning; often impacting how children live for the rest of their lives. Involve your family, friends and work colleagues and together make Wigs 4 Kids Day a fun day that saves lives and supports the Day of Difference Foundation.

To enter Wigs 4 Kids is simple.

1/ Register for the event (it’s free).

This will provide you with your own personal username and password for the entoure website; where you will be able to manage and control your very own personalised hero page. REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW OPEN.

2/ Grab a wig.

You can either purchase, hire or if your really creative, make a wig. The choice is yours.

To FIND A WIG STORE nearest to you, visit YELLOW PAGES ONLINE.


The Wig Outlet is Australia’s favourite online wig website and renowned for their cheap prices, quality wigs and prompt customer service. A portion of all sales from the Wigs 4 Kids campaign will be donated by The Wig Outlet to the Day of Difference Foundation. In order to track the Wigs 4 Kids campaign, please insert the below mentioned tracking code in the Gift Voucher / Discount Voucher of the online order form.

3/ Post a photo of yourself on your entoure hero page

Simply use your personal username and password to log into the entoure website and gain access to your hero page. Edit your profile and upload a photo of yourself wearing your wig.

4/ Create or join a team

Once you have logged into the entoure website you will have access to the entoure launchpad. From here, you can create a team and or join an existing team. If you have existing links to the organisations and teams entering this years Hunter Valley Cycle Classic, simply click on join a team and click join this team near their corporate logo on the team directory page. If you don’t have existing links, create a new team. This will link funds raised on your individual hero pages and display them under a team category and allow your networks to either sponsor you as an individual and / or your team. This is handy if your sponsors are familiar with other members in your team and are torn with whom to support.

5/ Send your entoure hero page to your friends and family and ask them to sponsor you

Once you have posted a personal photo of yourself on your hero page, share your event on facebook, tweet the event over twitter or email your hero page to your friends. You will find easy call to action buttons on your hero page.

Share this campaign with your family, friends and work colleagues and come join the fun and together let’s help save the lives of critically injured kids.

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